Woman Strangles Lover’s 5-year-old Daughter To Death After He Refused To Divorce His Wife


An Indian woman has been arrested for the murder of a 5-year-old girl in India.  Anita Waghela, 22, lured five-year-old Anjali Saroj with chocolates, then kidnapped and strangled her to death in a women’s toilet at Navsari railway station in Gujarat. According to reports, Waghela killed the child as revenge after the girl’s father refused to divorce his wife and marry her.

Anjali, from Nallasopara, Mumbai, India, lived with her parents in the same residential complex where Waghela lived. Manjunath Singe, superintendent of police, Palghar, said the accused had been involved with the child’s father Santosh Saroj, who is an auto driver, and had killed his daughter as revenge after the relationship failed.

“Waghela wanted Santosh to divorce his wife so they could get married, but he kept making excuses and then he refused. She had been physically involved with him and had undergone abortion twice. She was furious with Santosh for using her,” said a police official, who did not wish to be named.

“To teach Santosh a lesson, the accused kidnapped Anjali on Saturday while she was playing with friends in the building. The child knew her, so she went with her easily. Waghela took her almost 200km away, to Navsari, where she killed her,” the official said.

The official added: “After the murder, Waghela took a shuttle train and came back to Nallasopara where she joined in the search for the girl.”

The child’s body was found on Sunday, a day after she was abducted, by women passengers at Navsari who wanted to use the washroom. They reported to the authorities and investigation began.


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