“Why Women Shouldn’t Be Given Too Much Political Power” – Lawmaker, Kazaure


A member of Nigerian House of Representatives, Gudaji Kazaure, has disagreed with calls that women should be given more opportunity to participate in governance and political process in Nigeria. Kazaure, while speaking at the plenary on Thursday, said women would ‘mess up’ the country if they are given more opportunity in the country’s political set up. 

Kazaure, who is representing Kazaure/Roni/Gwiwa/Yankwashi constituency, Jigawa state said women are already in charge of the homes and should not aspire to rule the country.

He also urged the speaker not to be pushed into giving women more political positions.

“Women need government to give them opportunity; it’s good to give women opportunity in terms of politics, entrepreneur and others, but not too much.

“You would come here one day and find out that women are everywhere in this chamber and they will mess up. If we have women constitute 70 to 80 percent in this chamber, they will mess up.”

Kazaure also asserted that women should not be enlightened on political matters or else, they would overthrow men and take over politics in the country.

He said this is because most women are more intelligent than men.

“If we give them an opportunity outside (politics) and at home, they would capture everything because most of them are very intelligent. If given more chance, one day they will overthrow us.”

“I was brought here by women, because 60 or 70 percent of my vote is from women, if they understand this thing, they will vote us out and that is the reality. In my constituency, if I have somebody like the women in this House (of Representatives) here, they would gather more women and vote me out,” Kazaure said.

He added that while the Speaker can assist women in every way possible, he should not allow them to gain more political positions.