Man Stood By His Girlfriend When She Had Cancer, Tells Story 2 Years Later


A guy known as @AfricanCurator has taken to twitter to narrate on how his wife survived cancer after undergoing the painful process of chemotherapy. Even though they were just friends at that time. Her boyfriend and her friends left her in the terrible situation, but he stood by her.

Read his story below:

When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer they immediately took her in for surgery and after getting her breast removed she had to undergo intensive Chemotherapy sessions, for those who don’t know what Chemo is.It’s where they flood your body with poison in hopes of killing the cancer but not killing you in the process. It’s intense, she had no appetite, continuos mouth sores, always feeling weak and losing weight. It broke her as she was always our pillar of strength.

My wife and I were just friends when she got diagnosed and I tried my level best to be there for her, but also cancer came with so much, it revealed a lot you know. Some ‘Friends’ left and even her selfish cunt of an ex did the same but we aren’t here for that.

She hated how she looked and would always mention it, called herself an Alien because of having no hair or eyebrows. I couldn’t do anything physically to change that and it hurt me so bad but I chose to cut my hair down also. She straight called me silly for this.Also I will never forget how Jackie did something amazing for her by getting her Vault Cosmetics to touch up my wife for a day. Thank you so much for this. Had her smiling and laughing and overjoyed.

The battle was hard but we finished Chemo and Radiotherapy, she was a victor but what pained her was losing 4 friends she had made in Chemotherapy who unfortunately did not survive therapy.

This was the last day of Radiotherapy, she was our beautiful graduate hahaha, she had won a huge fight and all thanks to the family, true friends and God above all.

I didn’t waste no time after this lol, I straight away put a ring on it, jumped from friend zone to DZAAAADZY. We don’t play. Cancer took so much away from her and I swore an oath to give her more than it took.

Almost 2 years later here we are, happy, alive and fighting.