I Used To Sleep On The Floor With My Kids Inside The Bakery I Worked – Olajumoke

Olajumoke Orisaguna’s name might not ring a bell like other stars, but she is the bread seller who was made famous when photographer TY Bello ‘accidentally’ took her picture during a photo shoot.

The refined mother of two who is not tired of sharing her motivational story on how her life got changed revealed on her Instagram that she will be telling the full narrative of her life on one of her Vlog episodes.
Speaking in her local dialect, she also noted that everyone should put in effort in whatever they desire to do.
“The darkest hour of the night is nearest to morning. Don’t forget, Joy cometh in the morning. I’m sharing my life as a testimony, as reminder to everyone, that where you’re now is not as important as where you’re going,” she stated.
Giving a little snippet on her journey, she wrote, “Let me share my story with you all over again, some of you may be tired of it but it remains ever new to me. 2 years ago I ran to Lagos from Ire in Osun state in search “daily bread” for me & my children.
“I got a job to sell bread for a bakery where I also slept with my children on the floor. That faithful day, I was out selling bread as usual when I walked past some people taking pictures. That’s how anty @tybello spotted omo oni bread in her picture, she looked for me & God used her to change my life”.
She continued, “Because Olowogbogboro is involved the best hands in the industry were in charge of my makeover. That’s how I got a modelling contract with @fewmodels, management, endorsement, a house from @sujimoto, and education for my children from @stanbicibtc.
“I’ve learnt a lot in the course of this journey, rough & tough, exciting & rewarding but I’ll forever be grateful to everyone who was a part of this story, to the media for giving it life.  I hope this motivated someone to try again & stay faithful at their duty place, God can locate you anywhere”.