NSCDC Officer Dies Of Lassa Fever In Adamawa State


Adamawa State has recorded its first Lassa fever case, with a victim, Gabriel Ambe, pronounced dead. The head of the state’s rapid response team, Batulu Mohammed, confirmed this Monday.

The state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Fatima Abubakar, said the death was the first recorded case of Lassa fever in the state.

Abubakar said other health experts in infectious disease and representatives of the World Health Organisation were trying to identify individuals who came in contact with the deceased to contain its spread.

She maintained that since the deceased was suspected to have contracted the disease from Taraba State, the commissioner for health in Taraba State had also been contacted in order for both states to contain the disease.

Relatives of the deceased took to Facebook to pay tribute to the late officer. said Ambe was also an artiste- Producer, photogragher and IT/ digital guru

Music was not just work for you
But it was your passion. Your zeal and drive was off the hook.
It is so sad you never got to do the Thanksgiving song,.

Now you will join the hosts of heaven to sing praises to God.
Artiste- Producer- photogragher- IT/ digital guru- Officer
You have inspired many with your musical talents.
Your creativity was indeed a motivation for some of us to learn from.

Your departure leaves a deep hole inside.
You will be missed my good friend. Safe journey home.
It was not part of the plan to die so early, but God knows best.
Work was your nature, even in pains you won’t stop working.
You had your flaws as a human being but you did your best.

Now that you are gone who will fill that void you have created?
Adieu Uncle Geb, till we meet again.
May you find eternal rest on the other side.
May God’s angels welcome you home.”

In yet another post, she described him as a galaxy officer devoted to his job.

Words fail me to say my pains.
What can I say when God has taken away a Jewel of great value?
Gone home to rest.

Who will listen to my sad tale of pain?
You had such great plans for your family, wife and kids?
Plans that we can only pray God will help them to fulfill.
You had such great plans for yourself.

But many are the plans of a Man’s heart but only the Counsel of the Lord prevails.
O that death had waited for just a year more you would have rounded up your studies. But God knows best what fits each of us and why.

Today you left this world behind, forever you are lost to this world.
Your dreams gone, your plans shattered and life’s final breathe taken.

We may not understand why now but one thing I know is God always has a good reason for everything He does.

He makes all things happen for our good and if prayers could have kept you He will have done so. But he wants you home with him!

We all have but just one life to live here on Earth, after that death, then we move to a celestial plane where we stay forever. May your final home be blessed and may you have eternal rest.

Rest in peace my friend and big brother, Gabriel Ambe, till we meet again. We will surely miss you. But we are glad that God made us share some part of your short but great life.

Good bye again, Gallant Officer Gabriel, we won’t forget your creativity, devotion and work.
Adieu our team mate and multi talented friend, you left with so much creativity left inside of you, so many dreams and visions, we definitely won’t forget you.

Your little sister and Friend,


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