#BBNaija: Ghanaian Top Actress, Lydia Forson, Explains Why She Likes Cee-C


Lydia Forson has explained why she is drawn to the housemate, and how Cee-C‘s personal battles reflects some of the realities many viewers deal with. She wrote:
“What people don’t appreciate is while you’re entertained, these housemates are confined to a space , forced to interact with people they’d never in the outside world and pushed to limits only those who’ve been a part can appreciate,” she wrote.

She continued,

“For those who stay true to themselves they’re forced to come face to face with who they really are, stare at the ugliest parts of themselves and made to confront them in the rawest way. It’s probably the hardest thing for anyone who’s never had to be vulnerable or this exposed, to do.

And this is why I was drawn to Cee-C, it had nothing to do with how entertaining I thought she was. Some of her actions were inexcusable and I found myself screaming at her through the television a few times; but I appreciated that she was flawed, had struggles and was working through them, even if it wasn’t at a pace people expected.”

She then went ahead to mention that she is not actually rooting for the housemate:

Many people recognize themselves in her struggle,a part of our lives cameras don’t always capture, a battle with strong emotions and self control- and we appreciated her journey.
And that’s why it’s been disheartening to read from people who I know DO NOT have it all together; but quick to join in to call her animal, unfit to live and a mental case( exposing your own ignorance about the real battle of mental disorders). If your prescription to a crazy person is to act crazy yourself then you both need to be locked up.

And no, this is not a campaign, because her winning the money doesn’t mean much to me;the winners of these shows aren’t always the ones with fat bank accounts after- that doesn’t always last- it’s those who take what the experience put them through and see the gold that it is to be better after.

Hopefully she’s made us reflect a little more on our lives, how we’re perceived by the world and what we can do to become better.
You might think you’ve got it all together until you have a camera follow you around for 24hrs.

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