Bow Wow Clarifies Suicide Tweets


Bow Wow woke up early to some bad news, and whatever it was made him upset enough to tweet about suicide early Tuesday morning. “Feel like jumping off this balcony,” he wrote, prompting followers to send him the National Suicide Prevention phone number and pleas on behalf of the well-being of his young daughter.

Im sorry but i truly dont want to be here no more!

— Bow Wow (@smoss) April 24, 2018

“No im not gone do nothing,” he later wrote, responding to one fan. “It was just a figure of speech. I woke up to bad news.”

It’s unclear what bad news could have prompted Bow Wow to question taking his own life, but a post on Instagram reveals little more about the situation. “5am and im waking up with a BIG FUCK YOU to life. You sure do know how to fuck people at the wrong times!” he wrote. “I hope your coffee is hot as fuck and it burns you…I hope you get the Tristin T treatment in your comments if you have an IG punk.”

Bow Wow also referred to suicide in the lyrics of his song “Death” from his forthcoming mixtape Greenlight 6, which comes out next month. It’s unclear if the two are related, seeing as he posted the lyrics to the song two days earlier.