The 7 Sets Of Nigerians That Will Find Life Very Tough In The Year 2018

On paper and other media houses, it is said that Nigeria is officially out of recession. but if you try to confirm this from ordinary people in the street of Nigeria, they will all tell you that Nigeria is being hit by a recession that is characterized by high inflation and limited sources of income.

While the recession is just a fairy tale to some, I mean they do not believe it exist, others can see and feel it. They can see it when they look at the mirror and see how unpleasing their physical appearance has become due to malnutrition, they can feel it when it is time for launch and no means to provide it.
State governments are unable to meet up with the minimum wage of N18,000 and companies are now competing on the number of people they have sacked. This rat race is living Nigerians with no other option other than to look outside the box..
The most unfortunate part is that Nigerians are looking in the wrong direction. Yes it is true that online businesses can liberate and free Nigerians from the woes of this recession and it is true that the kind of things Nigerians want to do online will make them loose more money than they earn.
Below Are 7 Categories Of Nigerians That Will Not Love 2018
1. Those That Want To Earn Through Ponzi schemes, crypto currencies or Hyip
If you look at the Nigerian online world, it is filled with ponzy schemes, hyips, crypto currencies etc. yes it is true that these programs can make you peanut but I guarantee you that in the long run you will lose more money than you earned. I said you will earn peanuts because the main money is for the owners of the programs.
the similarity between all these online earning methods is that in most cases 1% or less of the population earns 99% or more of the earnings. and that 1% earners are mostly the owners of the programs.
2. Fixed salary earners
The price of everything you can think of in Nigeria has increased, I mean everything including Oxygen. If you doubt me ask for oxygen price in hospitals. If you have a fixed salary and you are not diversifying your income in the right direction, 2018 will not be funny for you.
3. Greedy Fellows
You want to invest 100usd and get 30% at the end of the month while you are asleep? Bro there are no Magic trees on the internet. Yes a 100usd can earn one thousand usd while advertising a product or service but if you just want to put it, sleep and wake up after 30days to get 30% bonus then you are on the verge of narrating a heart touching story.
4. Safe Players
All those dudes that always play it safe and reject everything that comes their way instantly, 2018 will not smile at you. It use to be wise to play it safe but this is 2018. I am not advising you to try every crap that comes your way but I am advising you to research thoroughly on something and try it. for example you can start with an online business model that has a lot of known millionairs that are already making serious money from it. example of such business is Affiliate marketing.
5. The Adamant
It is an undeniable fact that different areas of our lives are changing. Our physique is changing, the kind of cars we use are changing, technologies and everything around us is changing but you do not want to change the kind of business or service you render?
the bottom line is that you either change and upgrade both your services and your knowledge from time to time or your customers will upgrade and change you. remember that the only thing that is constant in life is change.
6. The I Know It All
There are a particular set of closed minded people that believe they know everything. Every online business you tell them about they will tell you they know it and it’s a waste of time or something of that nature. The most annoying part is if you ask them how much they have earned online to be able to make such authoritative judgments on different online businesses, you will learn that they have never earned a penny or they are only earning peanuts. If you are the closed minded type, 2018 may not be funny.
7. Those Waiting For The Dream Online Tutor To Spoon Feed Them
Real Online tutors will only give you a definite guideline of what they do. usually it requires an effort from your end to replicate their success. if you are the lazy type that gives up easily then you will miss out of whatever gold mine they hand over to you.
if you happen to be a slow learner, it is just telling you that you require a little more effort. The greatest proof that you can earn a lot of money online is that somebody else is already earning and you know exactly what he is doing.
Remember zig zigler”s popular saying that says “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t.”
In Conclusion:
A wise man once said that you cant be doing same thing and expect a different result. if you are not comfortable with your 2017 earnings, you must be ready to do things differently or you will still have exact same results like the previous year.
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