Baboon Attacks One-year-old Over Doll In Zambia


A baboon has attacked a year old girl in Victoria fall, Zambia, in an attempt to drag a doll from her. The mother of the child, Jean Gama, said she did not believe the girl would survive the vicious attack by the usually friendly primate a fortnight ago, which left her with huge scars on her head and face, reports iHarare.

The mother said,“My daughter was playing outside the house with her 12-year-old brother, while I prepared breakfast for them around 9am.

“Suddenly I heard her scream like someone who was in severe pain.I rushed outside and found the baboon had sunk its teeth on her scalp and face.I hit it with a huge stone and that’s when it finally loosened its grip on her before fleeing.Apparently the baboon wanted to take away my daughter’s doll. The baboon’s teeth penetrated her skull and I don’t know what it means for her health as she grows up.”

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