ISIS Terrorists Threaten To Behead President Trump (Photo)


ISIS has yet again threatened to launch terror attacks in the United States, in a new propaganda poster showing President Donald Trump about to be beheaded.

The poster shows President Trump on his knees in an orange jumpsuit with an ISIS fighter about to cut his throat, while the city of New York burns in the background. It warns the U.S. that ‘war is not over, by the permission of Allah, you will be defeated’. Inexplicably mocking the successful effort to all-but wipe out ISIS from its territories in Syria and Iraq, the poster claims America is ‘floundering in Trump’s failed plan’.

Be patient America, war is not over yet and you have not won. By the permission of Allah you will be defeated, just wait for it. Our swords are not broken, our arms are not tired, our passion did not fade away and we did not feel bored or weak! ‘But, by the grace of Allah we are much more stronger than we have been in the beginning of your war. With each passing day, we become stronger by the grace of Allah, and you become weaker.

‘We will walk with steady steps, but you are floundering in Trump’s failed plan.’

This is only the most recent threat on the U.S. President’s life, with another poster published two weeks ago depicting Trump’s execution with the city of Seattle in flames as a backdrop.

The image shows Trump handcuffed and on his knees with a gun pointed at his head, captioned: ‘Soon the calamities will be in your lands until it is filled with charred skulls.’

In recent months, posters such as these, which sees ISIS threatening attacks on the West, the World Cup and even the Vatican have become increasingly common, as ISIS desperately tries to portray an image of power.