Stormy Daniels Calls For Donald Trump’s Resignation In hilarious SNL Cameo


Stormy Daniels made a hilarious appearance on SNL to give Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump some much needed advice and a heavy warning. The porn star made a surprise cameo in the political sketch, which was centred around Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, played by Ben Stiller, trying to sort out their current legal issue. Calling a series of Trump’s nearest and dearest over the course of the skit, Cohen looked more exhausted as the fake versions of each person gave their (tbh, useless) advice on what to do. Finally, on the request of Trump, Cohen calls Stormy – and the real-life star was seen answering the call.

In real life, Stormy has made claims that she had an affair with the President, and Cohen later allegedly tried to buy her silence. The encounters are alleged to have happened shortly after his son Barron’s birth in 2006.