Brave Little Girl With Rare Cancer Reduces Wedding To Tears Singing ‘Fight Song’


This brave little girl showed just how determined she is to beat cancer as she belted out ‘Fight Song’. Anya Ottley, 6, confidently took to the floor at a family friend’s wedding, singing Rachel Platten’s 2014 number one song last month. Anya performed the poignant lyrics as she undergoes 28 gruelling rounds of intensive chemotherapy at Manchester Children’s Hospital following a kidney cancer diagnosis in November 2017. The Little Mix superfan is due to finish her treatment for Wilms’ tumour next month and will have a ‘ring-the-bell’ party to mark the occasion. There she plans to sing the hit after getting in some practise at the wedding reception, delighting proud parents Kathryn and Andy, 50. Kathryn from Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: ‘Her performance at the wedding brought a tear to my eye and to several others in the room. It was fantastic to watch her and it made me so proud.

Kathryn said: ‘I’m so glad we caught it when we did otherwise we might be telling a very different story right now, I dare not think about it really. She added: ‘She knew something was wrong and she did ask me if she was going to die, which was heart breaking, but I told her she wouldn’t and she’s been so incredibly brave and strong.’ Kathryn said Anya’s ordeal has hit the family especially hard following her sister Rachel’s death from sepsis at the age of 42, four years ago. Kathryn said: ‘It’s been really tough. My sister introduced me to Andy and named Anya as well.

Anya refuses to wear a wig given to her by the Little Princess Trust as she prefers not to hide her cancer.

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