Couple Escapes Assassination Attempt By Son As Gun Malfunctions


A couple in Kiharu Constituency, Murang’a County in Kenya on Sunday escaped death following a botched assassination attempt on their lives by their son, after his firearm malfunctioned.

The elderly couple, Muthoni and Maina, were tending to their farm when their son emerged wielding a G3 rifle and asked them to say their last prayers, reports Citizen Kenya.Speaking to the press, Muthoni revealed that the assailant was their step-son who is well-known to them and the villagers.“I was attending to the farm when I heard some noise coming from a bush and upon looking, I saw Ephantus Muilwa bent down with a rifle in hand aiming at me and his father,” she said.

According to Muthoni, when Muilwa realised that they were aware of his presence, he barked, “Say your last words before I gun you down!”The culprit is then said to have cocked his rifle and taken aim at his father but the rifle jammed before he could open fire.Seconds later, a loud bang was heard but no one was injured, as the couple proceeded to take cover from the attacker.

Muthoni further stated that, following the botched attempt, Muilwa fled the scene with the gun in a sack and jumped on a waiting bike.

“This is not the first time that a commotion with the young man has occurred. He blames me for his father chasing away his mother and he has been issuing death threats to me and my husband ever since,” she added.

Godfrey Waweru, who witnessed the altercation, said he was walking towards his farm when he heard the shots and froze.

“After collecting myself and taking cover, I saw the assailant running from the farm with a sack on his shoulders before he boarded a bike and sped off,” said Godfrey.The culprit is believed to be a 23-year-old Administration Police officer attached to an unknown station in Siaya County