Lady Shares Amazing Weight Loss Photos Of Her Friend To Inspire Others


Twitter, @PearlHanelz shared her friend’s weight loss photos, who was formerly a plus size lady but after much hard work and consistency in getting her desired body shape she achieved her body goals. She wrote:
So my girl’s @AstoldbyUfa before and after. ��� Y’all need to RT this to inspire someone ��

Ufadania felt very grateful seeing her friend share her pictures on Twitter to inspire others. She then decide to answer some questions from Twitter users who were amazed and wanted to find out how she made it work out.

She wrote:
I started my journey January last year and around May I had lost most of the weight, after then it was just me trying to build muscle and tone up places
It took me first 3 months to lose bulk of the weight doing major cardio, I started in January, so I used the remaining of the year to tone up and just focus on where is needed
first it has to be a personal conviction, not for the fact that someone called you fat and you want to lose weight to show them. It has to be you that’s tired of the way you look and just really want to change, it all starts from there. So much to write such little space �
Focusing on just core workouts
I’m planning something soon! Y’all should watch out for my IG @ufadania
Please continue to be inspired and don’t give up, I still can’t believe it, cause I always thought weightloss was for just a specific kind of people, but I could do it at age 17, you can deffs❤
By no diet not meaning that you should eat recklessly oh� there are just something you yourself will know is bad to eat. But j kept on eating my spaghetti, drinking my tea buy replacing full cream for skimmed milk and co
Yes i didd! And it took me a year
From january 2017 to December. Now i don’t do cardio
I lift to build muscle and tone up
Thank you ❤❤ i can’t type it all here; but my blog is on Instagram @ufadania where I would do aproper post. But for the mean time; it was just a matter of water pass garri. I had to become serious and stopped giving myself excuses, contrary to popular belief I never did diet