Protesters Dump Coffin At Parliament In Uganda


Protesters reportedly belonging to ‘The Alternative,’ stormed the Ugandan parliament with a coffin, condemning the manner in which parliament is handling the current spate of murders and kidnaps of women and children in the country.

The group, led by Ferdinand Luuta, dropped a coffin at Parliament to show their dissatisfaction with the way the parliamentarians have handled such a ‘serious issue.’

The group, in their statement, said, “Following unjustifiable kidnaps and subsequent murders of innocent women and children, we The Alternative members, have considered taxing the government to account for all these murders.

“We, as a nation and a generation, believe that the government has a lot to explain since it’s their mandate to protect us and our property.

“We considered marching to parliament with a coffin as a symbol of these kidnaps and murders, but also to remind them that we are back into the state of blood which they claim they fought.”

“Over 20 women and children have since been kidnapped and others murdered, even after ransom had been paid.”

The two arrested suspects are helping the Police in their investigations.