Real Madrid: No More The Number One Club In Europe


According to latest list of European football clubs compiled by the sports data company called Gracenote, FC Barcelona has pushed Real Madrid and claimed the top position in the charts. Real Madrid had beat Liverpool in the Champions League finale held in Kiev by 3-1 and won the title of Europe’s top football club for the fourth time. However, Gracenote, considering several other factors in assigning the clubs their position, has put Barcelona on the top of the charts.

The factors which were given weight include the overall performance of the players, total number of victories and many others. It also takes into account the performance of the previous four Champions League seasons. The current season, however, carries approximately two third of the weightage in the scoring system. As per their scores, Real Madrid is lacking by 17 points from Barcelona. For many sports bettors who love betting with Bet9ja promotion code though, Real Madrid still ranks as the number one team in Europe but we would have to see as to how far that holds true.

What would add in to Real’s resume is its recent Champions League win that has seen many fans rejoicing like no other. In fact, the win has made many analysts state just how powerful Real Madrid is as a team and that few at all could match the prowess it offers. However, there is always that other side to the story, and when there is Real Madrid in the discussion, the name of Barcelona tends to come up some way or the other.

The Euro Club Index And Reaction Of The Fans

The ranking has been given the name Euro Club Index. Although the members have tried to make the grading fair and just, the Euro Club Index has been frowned upon by many, especially the fans of Real Madrid. Keeping in mind the excellent performance and their fourth win of Champions League title in the past five years, any position short of the first one for Real Madrid is unacceptable by its fans.

Many believe that the decision to push Real Madrid to the second position is due to the favouritism of Gracenote for Liverpool as Real Madrid had beat the English team in the Champion’s League Finale. This may also be considered as one of the reasons for Liverpool’s jump from the 19th to 11th position in the ranking.

Performance Of Other Teams

The results of Euro Club Index have not proven to be favourable for Real Madrid. However, many other teams consider it as a boon. One of these are The Terriers who have made an impressive jump from 161st position to the 68th position. The Tottenham Hotspur hold the ninth position, Manchester United, the 10th and Liverpool, the 11th position. Chelsea falls a spot behind Liverpool at the 12th position and Arsenal has been assigned the 15th position in the index.

The Spanish football club, FC Barcelona had won Copa del Rey and shown an excellent performance in La Liga which played a huge role in pushing it up the charts, enough to surpass the champion, Real Madrid.


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