Two Patients Injured As Man Shoots Wife, Self Dead In Hospital


Two patients were injured when a man shot his wife and his father-in law before turning the gun on himself in a bizarre case of double-murder suicide.

The woman and her father were shot dead by her husband in front of their six-week old baby in a hospital waiting room before he turned the gun on himself. Shocking CCTV footage was captured inside the hospital as fellow patients and their families heard the shots ring out in a waiting room.

Thanyamas Thanamsri, 26, had been visiting doctors on Friday afternoon with her husband Chaiyaporn, 31, and her father, Samphan Thanamsri, 60, for postpartum problems when the incident happened.

Just two weeks ago, she had come through surgery for kidney, heart and lung failure and had posted a picture of herself and the six-week-old tot.

At the time, she wrote, “Death is closer than we expect, so, take care of the people you love.”

On Friday, she was having a check-up when her husband and dad started arguing after her father criticised her husband for not having a job and said that she should leave him. Furious, Chaiyaporn pulled a gun from his bag and blasted his nagging father-in-law twice in the head before shooting his wife in the chest, arms and back. He then shot himself.

The baby boy, now an orphan, survived the horror. Two patients were injured from stray bullets, while dozens more ran screaming from the building as the bloodbath unfolded at the Nakhon Pathom Hospital in northern Thailand at 1.30pm.

Police are now investigating the horror double-murder suicide.Lieutenant Colonel Wuttisit Kongsarawat said the incident happened on the second floor of the hospital.

“There was blood on the floor and a .38 pistol. Two people were dead and another was seriously injured and sent for surgery. “Forensic police are gathering all the evidence from the scene and we will review CCTV of the area to discover exactly what happened,” he said. Medics treated the injured husband after he shot himself, but he later died.

A social media post by Thanyamas several days before the murder detailed how hopeful she was feeling after successfully battling back from recent kidney, lung and heart failure in the wake of her pregnancy. The petite mother had suffered a number of health problems, including urinary and breathing issues following the birth of the little boy.


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