Feminine Nigerian Man With Bosoms, Finds A Way To Hide Them From Public (Pics)


Oluwatosin Silverdam, a male Nigerian writer who has big bosoms, has finally found a way to hide his bosoms and he shared the result on social media.

Oluwatosin used a black sellotape to press his man boobs flat and keep it from showing through his clothes. He says he has to go this way because he can’t be bothered to go to the gym so his only option is to hide his boobs. He wrote:

So I finally found a way to hide my boobs… I am tired of the unnecessary attention it’s been giving me, some will even say I should get a bra �. I can’t hit the gym cos I work 8am-5pm, no time and I can’t kill myself. I decided to improvise this method and I am loving it. Thank God for this tape, no more boobs. (moobs)