I Just Spent 2 Hours Talking To A Colleague At The Apex Of Depression’ – Actor, Deyemi Okanlawon


Nollywood actor, Deyemi Okanlawon just shared a post about depression and how several celebrities and people on social media suffer from it.‘Depression, not to be confused with sadness, is real but can be overcome’ he said as he shared a message from a colleague in the industry who reached out to him.

This is especially for MEN: I hesitate to post this but believe that someone out here will be helped by it… spent 2 hours talking to the colleague… cos when, during my own episode I tried to reach out, no one was really there. Depression, not to be confused with sadness, is real but can be overcome… if you ever feel like you’re at your lowest consider the following:

1. Change your perspective – You’re not alone, everyone has some form of drama in their lives. There are people out there who have the common sense to know all you need is someone to actually listen. Find them.

2. Review expectations – perhaps the pressure you feel is by setting expectations you are yet without the capacity to achieve. Relax, give more time, slow things down.

3. Remove limitations – as humans we tend to box ourselves into one particular thing or way of getting things done – mindset, career, etc. As humans we’re a limitless permutation of possibilities.

Become more. Try these –
Watch loads of comedy (plenty here on IG)
Take long walks
Hang out with friends, eat, sing, dance, watch movies
Read motivational or self-help books
Start a journal – focus on the positives of your life, your goals and plans for the future
Start a new hobby or join a non-profit org
Exercise (sex is a good exercise)
Speak to and encourage yourself
Do whatever it takes to rekindle hope and stay positive.


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