Lagos Tanker Explosion: My Son Had Premonition Of Incident – Corn seller


A roasted-corn seller simply identified as Mama Favour, described the situation as very horrible and that she had yet to recover from the shock, despite the fact that it happened about two days ago (Thursday).

“I was at my stand roasting corn and hoping to finish all the fresh corn that I brought from the market on that Thursday morning,” she said as she turned her corn so that it doesn’t get burnt.

Mama favour told our correspondents that the incident had spiritual undertones.

She said her son who was with her on Thursday had the premonition that there was going to be an evil occurrence about ten minutes before the tanker fire explosion.

She said, “My son came with me to the scene on Thursday and he told me that he was feeling strange. He said his body was shaking and that his head was ‘getting bigger”.

“I didn’t even pay attention to it until he said that he felt it was a bad omen. As he was telling me, my eyes were on my corn and the umbrella was obstructing me. Immediately he called out to me saying, ‘Mummy, see’, in an attempt to look up, the next thing I heard was the sound of the explosion. I lost my sanity immediately and we started running.

“I ran from this Otedola Bridge to the Lagos State Secretariat before we stopped. I forgot totally about my corn and even lost my phone in the process.”

An artisan, Mr. John Okoro, also corroborated Mama Favour’s experience.

He said, “This thing is not ordinary, anyone who is deceived should better wake up. Bad things are always happening at this same spot. How do you explain a situation where the tanker driver and the motor boy would escape without a scratch and several other people would die?”

Another roadside trader said she also had a premonition of the incident, a day before it happened.“On that fateful day, I was feeling funny so I decided not to come out only for me to hear the news of what happened. I wasn’t surprised but of course I felt bad that people lost their lives. I called my sister’s attention to what I told her about some strange people that I saw on the bridge. I also told her that wasn’t the end of it.


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