Female Graduate Becomes Successful After Newspaper Featured Her 8 Years Ago


A Female graduate of Federal University of Technology Owerri has revealed how her life changed after being featured by a newspaper.

An entrepreneur, Chinwenmeri Joy, has shared the inspiring story how her life changed after being featured in one of the national dailies in Nigeria.

The graduate was featured in Daily Sun newspaper on March 26th, 2010 as a Sun Girl and afterwards, she got a modelling job that gave her contacts.

She also revealed that during her time of being famous, she received different calls from around the world although some wanted more than friendship.

Below is what she shared via Facebook:

My mum found this . Who remembers this picture ? My old friends ?..anyone ? SUN GIRL , march 26, 2010. Who Facebook help abi? I met the oga kpata kpata on Facebook … I was featured here and afterwards I got a modeling job that gave me contacts .

I was slim and sexy !

My big friends today, I can call and ask for anything and they give me (I hardly ask though)/ I met them through this ….

I didn’t start my shakara today ….My kids must see this …

Daily sun newspapers., thank you for making me famous then! Everyone around the world called me ..some wanted kundus, others wanted to be my friend ….Thank God for wisdom ….life is in stages !

Made mistakes, learnt from them..became a better person !!


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