Pastor Arrested As Married Mum Of 4 Lover Dies During Abortion


32-year-old Ngbeken Elvis, a pastor at Christ Chosen Church of God, has been arrested for the death of a 38-year-old mother of four, Mama Sarah, who died while procuring abortion for the pregnancy she had for him in Edo StateA report by TheNation, revealed that the duo have been in a secret relationship for over six months. The deceased husband resides abroad and has built a house for his family where the late wife and children live at Okhokhugbo community in Egor LGA.

She was said to have died at a hospital she was rushed to after the abortion procedure failed. Pastor Elvis revealed he was suspended from the church over marital issues.
He said his wife was in the habit of always fighting him since they got married in December, 2016, and the church suspended him because he could not settle problems he had with his wife.

What compounded his woes are that Mama Sarah’s husband family are demanding refund of the bride price they paid. They are also saying Pastor Elvis would take care of the burial expenses after performing the marriage rites.

According to him, “I knew this Mama Sarah when she was ill. I prayed for her and she promised to reward me. We started dating but the children were not aware. .

When one of her daughters wanted to raise suspicion after some neighbours questioned my continued visit to their house, she threatened to throw her out of the house.

She asked me to move into their house three months ago before I could get an apartment and I was staying there. I am an orphan. I didn’t plan to get into this mess.

She didn’t tell me she was pregnant. I was not aware she went to procure abortion. I am really ashamed. I prayed God to forgive me. I am now remorseful. She used to give me N1000 or N2000 to run errands for her.”