“Stop Congratulating Men For Taking Care Of Their Children ” – Lady


A lady on Twitter took to her Twitter TL to advise other women to stop congratulating men for taking care of their own children.  See her tweets below;
“Please let’s stop congratulating men for taking care of THEIR children.

A man takes his child to the park “aww. This is so cute”.

We should give him a lollipop for what exactly?

Please let your “aww” be on the same energy level when a mother takes her child to the park.

Stop � giving � men � special passes.

In middle management all over the world, the number of women thins out steadily (even in the most developed countries). This is directly related to child bearing ages of women. Women take on an unfair burden of childcare & this impacts their careers.

So please let’s stop this narrative that a man is doing something exceptional when he spends time doing things that are expected of a parent.”


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