”An inbred ninnyhammer and a deformed offspring of a hammerhead shark and a Sumatran rhino”


This morning, Freeze reacted to the statement made by Leke, the youngest son of the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, that anyone who voted for APC in last Saturday’s governorship election in Osun state is a fool.

He wrote;

“Leke, for the sake of your father’s reputation, please stay out of this.

“Our VP is an APC member and a pastor in your father’s company, a call to him would have done more good than all this public fanfare.

“Didn’t your dad just anoint an APC senator as an assistant pastor? Don’t you know the way to their house?

“Your dad was also seen hanging out with our APC presido in the UK, who in turn sent him a public shout out on his birthday. Couldn’t you have just gone to ur daddy to tell him to talk to his guys instead of all this?”

A young man who didn’t like what Freeze wrote about Adeboye’s son, sent Freeze a DM, insulting him that the people who he is abusing, clergymen, have jobs and that he, Freeze, has been out of a job for two years now.

Freeze did not take his comment lying low.

He savagely responded;

”Isn’t this an inbred ninnyhammer? Doesn’t the poor dipstick look like the deformed offspring of a hammerhead shark and a Sumatran rhino??

“If only he spent the time he spent on useless blogs studying the Bible, he won’t sound so utterly retarded.

“These dumb blogs desperately need your clicks to survive, how can you ever have information if you live off their pages?

“Who said I haven’t worked for 2 years? I said I have not MCed for 2 years. MCing was one of the several streams of income I had before the prosperity cabal attacked me and tried to get me sacked, but I was saved by an atheist.

“How ironic, a pastor that I used to pay tithe to tried to sack me but failed, because an atheist won’t let him.?

“Do you really expect me not to get angry at the moronic idiocy our faith has become?”

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