Betty Irabor praises daughter, Sonia Irabor

Publisher of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor is full of praises and encouragement for her daughter, Sonia, the Editor of the publication.

“So proud of this girl here @sonia_irabor ! Every day as she holds it down @genevievemagazine I  marvel at her strength and passion. I had thought that when I got tired of running Genevieve (and I really was tired) I would just write my last Morning Dew and quit but then she came on board.. just at the right time. I have said to her many times, “don’t let Genevieve hold you from your own dream and purpose, don’t put your acting career and all your beautiful dreams on hold for this, I won’t forgive myself.. feel free to move on when you’re ready”. It’s never fair to lay your burden on your children. But she assures me she is happy doing this along her own passion. I remember how many times she stopped me from throwing in the towel when Genevieve debuted and the reviews were damn surgical!  Sometimes I see her frustration at work, publishing is manic! But she survives every issue .. phew !!
@mmwithnimi I hope my entry isn’t too late?

Here’s to mothers and their daughters! Here’s to love and more love.

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