Caroline Hutchings Says She Misses The Feeling Of Being Pregnant And Breastfeeding Babies


Nollywood actress and producer, Caroline Hutchings took to her Instagram page to talk about missing babies, and missing breastfeeding them.

She says they are always a delight when they are very young but soon as they clock one, they become a MAJOR WORK and so she needs someone to borrow her a baby for just 12 months and afterwards she can come back for her baby.

She wrote;

“I miss the pregnancy blues , I miss how they cry when looking for breast milk .. I miss dressing them up ???.. I miss eating baby milk while mixing it ??.. I miss late night breastfeeding.

“I miss eating anything I like yet having this strong confidence that I am doing it for the baby ????. My fav ( shortbread biscuit and milk 12 midnight ) . I miss babies from birth to 1 yr . After that na work . Stop it , don’t do it ???. Let me be ur nanny for a yr only ?????.”

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