Girl’s cut-out dress is not what she expected it to be (Photos)


This happened to 23-year-old Paige Gardner, who bought a dress from In the Style for a night out. Paige paid £24.99 for the khaki dress, and was excited to try it on – but when it turned up it didn’t fit how she’d expected it to. The cut-out meant to sit on her tummy instead revealed her breasts to the world, nips hanging out from underneath the top section. Paige, from Blaina, South Wales said: ‘I ordered the dress because I thought it was lovely.

‘I was going to wear it to go to Cardiff for the weekend for a night out with my girl friends and wanted to wear that. ‘As soon as I put it on, I knew I definitely wasn’t going to be wearing it anywhere in public – no amount of boob tape could save that. ‘My first reaction as soon as I put the dress on was, “christ, look at my nipples!” ‘It definitely wasn’t as fitted as I thought it was going to be.’ Despite having a major wardrobe failure, Paige explains that she would still purchase from the website.

She said: ‘I’d definitely just be more aware of the model in the picture and how much boob they’ve got themselves! ‘Even though it was an embarrassing wardrobe failure, I think it is hilarious. ‘My friends who have seen the photo think I’m an absolute legend, but I’m not sure my family would react the same! ‘The photo has even been shared online and people think it’s hilarious there too.’

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