Kenyan Governor, Okoth Obado impregnates wife’s sister


Embattled Kenyan Governor, Okoth Obado, and his wife’s step-sister Rhoda Odie Nyakwaka has been exposed.

The affair reportedly started when he employed her in the catering department at their County Headquarters.

According to reports, he even gifted her a house in the state he governs in Kenya.

Things went south after Obado impregnated Rhoda and the affair between the two became open.

After Obado’s wife sister became pregnant, she was summoned by angry relatives who accused her of crossing the blood line.

She was pressured to terminate the pregnancy to avoid a curse.

Obado’s wife was very hurt after she found out the affair between her husband and sister Rhoda.

She cut communication with Rhoda and banned her from visiting the Governor’s home.


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