Linda Ikeji Acquires Bentley Mulsanne After Birth Of Son In US. Photos



Just few days after birthing her son Jayce Jeremi and celebrating her 38th birthday, Linda Ikeji has gotten herself the most perfect Push Present anyone can wish for, a Bentley Mulsanne.

The little boy was born on Monday, September 17, in Atlanta.

Her sister Laura Ikeji was the first to break the good news today by sharing pictures and a video to showcase the latest Bentley Mulsanne which is worth over N100 million, she wrote:

Dear Jayce, ya mom went crazy the day u came into this world, oh boy! ya own don better. Dem born u buy Bentley. Omo mama olowo.  . Can’t remember what my parents bought when they had me hehe. Check out Linlin’ s Bentley..

Their sister, Sandra also wrote, confirming the price of the Bentley: Hey lil Jayce, your mum @officiallindaikeji promised you a Bentley , now you have it! Congratulations @officiallindaikeji on your 120mili Bentley #Bentleyforbabyj


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