Many Girls Arrested After Dead Baby Was Found In Police Barracks. Graphic Photos



There was confusion few days at the police barracks in Jimeta area in Yola, Adamawa state capital after a new born baby was found dead in a pit toilet.

The baby was found days after being dropped judging from decomposition of the corpse which shocked the officers at the barracks because they couldn’t identify the person responsible for that.

In order to apprehend the culprit, the police decided to arrest all girls between the ages of 16-25 for investigation, according to an online report.

Emmanuel who lives in Yola shared the graphic pictures of the baby and wrote;

This is what really happened at police barracks jimeta yola block 17 this Baby was found in the pit toilet this morning inside the ledder below and everyone was shocked because people don’t know the girl that did the rubbish… thou the truth is very clear….So police pick all girls within 16–25 for investigation….

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