Paul McCartney claims his dead wife came back to him as a squirrel


Sir Paul McCartney has claimed his dead wife Linda came back to him as a squirrel during a hallucinogenic substance session. The veteran rock star also said he managed to take a peek at God during a drug trip. We really would have loved to see what he had seen. Having lived a pretty eccentric life as a Beatles member, the 76-year-old revealed his sightings in an interview with the Sunday Times. The singer, who was married to Linda from 1969 until her death in 1998, believes she came to visit him as a white squirrel ‘to give him a sign’.

The celebrity photographer, who passed away following a battle with breast cancer, was famed for her vegetarian cuisines and her work as an animal rights activist. Paul said: ‘It was a great moment – it thrilled me. ‘Goosebumps. Obviously, I have no proof it was her at all, but it was good for me to think that. ‘There’s part of you that wants to believe it. So I like to allow myself to think that happens.’ The father-of-five – who had Mary, Heather, fashion designer Stella and James with Linda – also described seeing the Good Lord on one of his trippy drug benders.