Piers Morgan blasts Thandie Newton after she claimed God is a woman


Piers Morgan has criticized Thandie Newton after she claimed God is a woman, despite being an atheist. The 45-year-old actress caused a commotion at the Emmys 2018 after picking up the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for Westworld, saying in her acceptance speech: ‘I don’t even believe in God, but I’m going to thank her tonight.’ Following a debate on Good Morning Britain with devout catholic Ann Widdecombe and religious commentator Rae Duke over whether God has a discernible gender, host Piers Morgan took aim at Thandie Newton’s speech.

Speaking after the debate, Piers said: ‘Thandie Newton at the Emmys thanked God during her speech despite the fact she’s an atheist which in itself I find very offensive – why would you do that?’ He added: ‘What’s it got to do with an atheist what we call God? Seriously atheists, keep your big noses out of it.

‘It’s nothing to do with you. “I’m an atheist I’ve decided God is a her.” Shut up. ‘Honestly it’s ridiculous. It’s like me saying I’m an Arsenal fan but I think Tottenham should do this. Nobody cares.’

During the debate, Ann Widdecombe said: ‘I’ve never heard such nonsense. Throughout the entire New Testament, Christ is a “He” and Christ refers to God as “the Father”. ‘And a father even in this day and age, is a “He”. But what really worries me is the sheer superficiality of this because the whole objection to calling God “He” is apparently that it puts people off Christianity. ‘If you’re not going to be won over by the message of redemption and forgiveness, you’re not going to be won over by somebody saying, “Oh look, God’s a She.”’

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