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Men are visual creatures, but believe it or not after the sexual thoughts they have about you, they also want more. No one wants a pretty bimbo, same as no woman wants a handsome man who is stupid. There are some non-sexual things men like in a woman that naturally turns them on without you even trying.

Non-sexual things men like in a woman

1. Confidence

Confidence doesn’t come with a sexy body, it comes with how you carry yourself. You may wear a rag but how you wear it is what matters, you need to be in charge of your own game. How you talk, how you walk, and how you act all matter. Keep your head high, love yourself and be sure of yourself because that stuff is sexy.

non-sexual things men like

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2. When you’re not pretentious

There’s nothing worse than someone who pretends to be someone they are not. If you’re the type that acts like you’re super rich when you’re not that is not sexy. If you act like you like certain things that you normally wouldn’t, it’ll turn him off.

3. Your Brains

You need to be smart, a woman of substance, not just an airhead. To put it lightly, you should at least be able to hold your own conversation, you should speak and people want to listen

4. A sense of humour

A woman who understands humour is a winner and a woman who can make people laugh is even better. You don’t need to be a Helen Paul but a woman with a witty sense of humour lures the crowd.

non sexual things men like

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5. A woman who has her own dreams and passion

A woman who has her own ambitions, desires, passion and something to work hard for is such a turn on. Most women end up following men like puppies building their dreams and then forgetting their own, please don’t be that girl.

6. Not a groupie

Most women have a group of girls they follow around and it’s fine to have friends but it’s not cool to follow the trend and everything people do. Be yourself and not a follower, someone who is bent by a crowd doesn’t work well.

non sexual things men like


7. When you say what you mean

By this I mean a woman who sticks to what they say. If you tell him that you won’t talk to him you’re not just threatening him, you actually mean what you say. You also keep your promises, you don’t mince your words and you can be taken seriously.

You don’t need to to be slutty or overly sexual to get a man. You need to be polished, be yourself and don’t give everything you have to turn him on, if he likes you he will work for it. See how being feminine can land you a good guy.

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