Types Of Men To Avoid If You’re An Ambitious Woman


Whether you want to climb all the way up in the career ladder or you desire to build a very successful empire, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the person you choose to marry.

You should know the types of men to avoid if you don’t want your journey to the top to be hell on earth. Watch out for these signs in the man you’re dating to avoid making a mistake.

The chauvinistic man

This is a very important one. No matter how “on-board” he seems, this guy still believes he’s better than you and deep down, he does not think you have any business in the world of hustlers. You’ll hardly get any type of support from him except when it involves you doing traditional ‘wifely’ duties. In fact, you may notice his disapproval when you don’t focus on those duties and he just may begin comparing you with other ‘wifely’ women who he wants you to be like.

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The distrustful man

Trust is crucial in any relationship and even more so when you are a woman making your own moves. If he’s the kind to suspect every single thing you do or does not believe you’re where you are, then you will have serious problems. This is one of the types of men to avoid because you’ll constantly walk on eggshells just to prove yourself.

The insecure man

He wants you to be successful but to a limit. He believes that if you get too rich or too influential, it automatically makes him less of a man. Be wary of him as he just may sabotage you when he sees that you’re close to mega success. He can’t help himself because he’s weaker than he lets on. This guy needs you to be at a certain level that he can handle.

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The unambitious man

They say opposites attract but not in this case. This is among the types of men to avoid because you are very likely to lose interest and respect for him. He is supportive and all, but he does not feel the need to do anything great with his own life. This guy will bore you eventually and it’s only a matter of time before you fall out of love with him.

If you’re waiting for the right guy to go all the way with, here are the ones you should definitely avoid.

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