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Regardless of how deeply in love you are with a person, you might actually love the wrong person.

But how do you know if that person you so much love is indeed right for you? Check out some telltale signs that you could be in love with the wrong person:

1. Secrets

In a trustworthy relationship, you should freely share your concerns with your partners. But if you don’t trust that your secrets will be safe with your partner and you opt to share them with someone else, they are probably not right for you.

2. No future


Do you see a future in with your partner? (istock)


When you are in a serious relationship, it’s normal to see yourself in future with your partner. You figure out the kind of family you will have, how many kids you will have and such. But if that never crosses your mind and never been in your conversation, it’s the wrong person.

3. Approach to problems


Couple arguing (Poems and Petals)


Problems are part of every relationship but what makes the difference is how you both choose to address them. If the person is right for you, there will always be a way out of any situation no matter how difficult it is. But if you hardly agree on anything and your issues are hardly settled, there is a problem.

4. You are not yourself

If you feel like you have to act when around your partner because you fear that they will judge you, they are probably not your match. The right person should love and appreciate you with all your faults and you should feel comfortable being you around them.

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5. You feel insecure


You should feel safe enough in your relationship (Boost Thyself)


When you are with the right person, you are certain that they love you as much as you love them and you don’t have to live with fear of a heart break. If you are afraid that the relationship may come to an end anytime, give it a second thought.

6. Excuses

If you find yourself making excuses not to be with your partner or your partner does so, it means that you are not interested with them. Or, they are simply not right for you because if they were, spending time together should be no issue.

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