Good Morning Britain newsreader goes flying off-screen after slipping out of her shoes


Good Morning Britain got off to a hilarious start this morning when a newsreader went flying off the screen after slipping. Richard Arnold couldn’t stop giggling as regional news broadcaster a clip showing Balvinder Sidhu going flying while getting ready for Thursday’s news read. Balvinder, whose clips air in the Midlands, was OK (though undoubtedly a little embarrassed) by the incident, and the clip made its way onto the main show.

The clip was caught on camera by the team’s film crew, though it was thankfully before the show went live and she was spared it making to air. Until the production team decided to show it anyway it is. Ben Shepherd, Kate Garraway and Richard Arnold got the giggles after the moment, which aired just minutes into the beginning of today’s episode.

The show was inspired to share the moment on the show after Donald Trump was seen walking on to Air Force One with toilet paper attached to his shoe. Thankfully, a producer was on hand to help her up, and Ben later revealed that she slipped out of her shoe and that’s what sent her falling off screen quite literally.



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