‘My Performance In Bed Makes Women Cry For More’; Man Reveals ‘Secret’. Photo


A 47-year-old man has revealed what he takes before having sex as he claims that his performance in bed in so good that women cry for more.

The South African man identified as Mohube Mphehlane, said he used to have problems with his sex life till he discovered the ‘secret’.

Now, he claims the women all want a ride with him.

Mohube said people might think he was using charm to make women follow him. But he said he was simply drinking Big Job and it made his 4-5 rise. He claims his performance in bed is making women cry for more.

Mohube said before he started drinking the beer he would even fall asleep before he could have sex with a woman: “I could only see women running away from me and they would not tell me why.”

One day he went to a local tavern and decided to buy the beer just to taste it.

“That day changed my life for good. I noticed the beer had unlocked my 4-5. “It stayed erect for a long time,” he said.

“Now other women throw themselves at me, telling me they want to taste what their friends had. I insist on using a condom because I do not want to contract sexually transmitted diseases.”

Tavern owner Tsidaks Tuks said Mohube was his biggest customer. “When he comes, he only wants this one beer as it performs miracles for him.”

The SunTeam spoke to a representative at Kingsley Beverages SA.

He laughed after being told about Mohube’s claim, but said they really appreciated the compliment.