Nigerian Lady Based In US Scammed By Fraudsters. See How They Did It. Photos


A Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament after his sister based in the United States was scammed by fraudsters. It was gathered that the Nigerian lady who lives, works and studies in California was duped her a total of $1300 (over N450,000) which she sent via a first bank account in Nigeria.

Below is the story of how the Nigerian lady was duped as shared by Remi Adeoye. 

My sis said the guy sent her Facebook friend request and went on to start sending her some messages. She cautioned him and even blocked him for about three weeks. She later decided to unblock him only for him to send her a message shortly afterwards. She asked him whom he was and he introduced himself as Desmond Akunwa from Ugwashiuku in Delta State.

He claimed to be living in the same state with my sister in the United States. He told a lot stories and claimed he was single He said he was interested in my sister. He equally claimed he was working with a company in California

He later brought a woman from Naija into the picture, claiming she was his mother. The supposed mother started calling my sister very regularly and they later brought a little girl of six into the picture too. The girl according to them was a child from a relationship he had when he came to Naija and just slept with the girl and got her pregnant.That the lady died while giving birth and the small girl now lives with his mom

The were always sounding so religious and pious

The woman was already talking to my sister like her daughter in-law. Too many stories. My sister asked the guy that they meet and he accepted to visit by 10th of this month. He claimed to be building house in his village and was sending his mom money for the house He said he sent some money to his mom for procuring tiles for the house and the mom went and withdrew the money on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday early morning, the mom called my sister and was crying that armed robbers came to their house, carted away the money, shot their gate-man dead, shot the small girl and made away with her car. She said the girl was bleeding profusely and needed to be rushed to the hospital. Mean while the guy had earlier claimed to be going on a training program outside his state of residence sent him by the company where he works and that he won’t be very free because of the training.

I told my sister to let me know of any move she is making with the guy so I can advise her and we had been doing it that way. I told her they might be scammers but let us see where they were headed Even when she told me of the Armed robbery incident, I quickly alerted her that it was a pure scam. That this is their usual pattern. I warned her very strongly not to send any money.

But they continued pressuring her with the issue of the little girl’s life being at stake, and the guy crying to her to help him send them the money that he would refund her when he came out from the training program. She later sent them the money into a Nigerian first bank account they gave her. They were even asking her for more money but she got angry and now told me a little about the more money and I warned her strongly not to yield. And she didn’t send more money.

Since then both the supposed mother and the guy have stopped calling her. The guy only sends text once in a while.
I asked her to tell the guy to refund her the money because she has emergency. The guy agreed but subsequently stopped picking her calls.

I feel bad because I encouraged her to give the guy a chance. I said so because I really want her to get married and she has been having wrong people coming into her life for too long. But I equally warned her not to do any financial dealings with them without letting me know.

It appears as if juju was involved (although I don’t so much believe in juju). She said she was very restless when they were asking for that money because of the little girl’s life being at stake, that it was after she sent the money that she then realized what she did.

The guy’s fbk name is Akunwa Desmond.
We have two foreign numbers he was using, his supposed mom’s Nigerian number, the first bank account number that the monies were transferred to, and the little girls photograph.


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