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How much do you love yourself?

It sounds so obvious yet it’s very possible that you probably hate yourself but you do not realize it.

Self-love is as important as loving others. And if you can’t love yourself enough, it will be impossible to love other as well.

Let’s analyze some signs that prove you do not love yourself and it’s time you change:

1. Your needs always come second


Love others but love yourself first (Awakening People)


‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself,’ states the Bible clearly. But when you go on and love others MORE than you love yourself, it means you hate yourself. This is not to say that you should not care about others, just that your needs should come first even if it seems selfish.

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2. Comparing yourself to others


A sad young black man (letsbuildnaija)


We are all unique in our own ways and you will never be like X or Y. If you feel the pressure to be like another person, change your looks or upgrade your standards to look like someone else, simply means you don’t appreciate the person you are.

3. You seek approval on social media

If you have to log in to your Instagram to see how many likes you’ve got and it kills you when only 10 people like your photo, you need to start loving yourself. If you measure yourself worth in regards to the feedback you get on social media, you clearly hate yourself.

4. You don’t believe in yourself

Even when no one else believes in you, you should at least be generous enough to believe in you. If you are lowering your goals because you feel they are too high to reach or you feel worthless, you need to work on your self-esteem.

5. Apologize for everything


Don’t apologize for mistakes you never made (lydiaramsey)


If you make a mistake, you should be sorry for it. However, if you are always apologizing for others’ mistakes or for simply giving your honest opinions, you have a problem. Only a person who hates themselves will apologize for faults that are not theirs.

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6. You don’t take compliments

When people make a compliment about your new look, you don’t take it because you feel like they are sarcastic or simply making fun of you. When you hate yourself, you see nothing good in yourself and will thus be surprised if someone else sees something good in you.

7. You are afraid of falling in love

There are several reasons as to why one may be afraid of falling in love such as a previous heartbreak. All the same, people who hate themselves find falling in love difficult. They fear that no one can love them with their many flaws.

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