Not All Women Are Meant To Be Married Or Have Kids – Zizi Cardow


Nigerian fashion designer, Zizi Cardow has voiced her thought on the issue of domestic violence and abuse that women experience.In a Facebook video, Zizi explains that not all women are meant for marriage or to procreate. Her talk was prompted by the viral story of a man who wants to send his step-daughter away because he is sexually attracted to her. The mother has asked for advice from followers on what she should do.

Zizi Cardow who is married to a white man reacted this way:

”When it comes to marriages and what a man or woman do, I don’t really bother because it is their decision and they are adults and you must take the consequences that come out of it but when you involve your kids in it is where it gets me because these kids did not ask to be born neither did they ask for you to make some stupid decisions in your life. I am sick and tired of all these post people put up of somebody gets beaten up, gets stabbed. You get beaten up, you get killed because you want to. Don’t involve your kids in it. When you make stupid decisions that you want to get married because the whole nation is crazy about getting married, don’t get your kids involved in it.

Please my sisters, if you want to get married, think about it thoroughly. Don’t think about just the wedding itself. It’s a marriage, a life time decision. It is not just about Asoebi, caterers, slaying or having the best wedding.

Please women, if you are not ready for children, do not have them. I don’t know why the society is so pressured about people getting married and having children when half of the people that have children are not supposed to. Honeslty, not every woman is supposed to have children and not everyone is supposed to be married. Not every woman who has kids is supposed to be called a mother”.