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break off an engagement

Breaking things off after you’ve said yes to his proposal is not something any woman wants to do. It can be quite scary. But the fact is, some situations can call for it.

You can break off an engagement for a lot of reasons. But this should not be a decision you come to lightly. Here are scenarios where walking down that aisle will very likely spell disaster for you.

1. You’re not excited about getting married

Yes, planning a wedding can be stressful, but it should be fun too. At the very least, you should be thrilled that you and the man you love are about to start building a future. If you’re not excited, it could point to a bigger issue in your relationship.

break off an engagement

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2. You never got the chance to think about it

When your man goes down on one knee in a public place and asks you to marry him, it does not seem right or fair to say no at the time, even if you’re unsure. But if as time goes on, you figure out that you’re not ready for this big step, you should not feel bad for breaking off the engagement.

3. You’re hoping he will change

Now that he has put a ring on it, you’re hoping he will change. You think the engagement will make him drink less, quit that terrible habit or make him more committed to you. The truth is, problematic behaviours don’t magically disappear when a ring appears. You may need to break off an engagement if you’re simply not on board with who he is right now.

break off an engagement

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4. He cheats on you

Many women are more likely to forgive a partner who strays after they are engaged. The men probably get off with saying they felt it was their “last chance” to have sex with someone else. But this is an extremely cowardly thing to do. He’s not responsible enough to be a husband and you definitely shouldn’t be marrying him if he does this.

5. You fall in love with someone else

It’s possible that you’re not the one who’s committed to that relationship. And if you find yourself nursing a flame for an ex or a friend, you should break off your engagement while you figure things out.

You may want to end things to avoid a dramatic scenario on your big day. For example, read this one about a wedding that didn’t hold because the bride was pregnant for someone else.

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