Actor Bolanle Ninalowo reveals how he copes and manages women and fame


Actor Bolanle Ninalowo in this interview with City People reveals how he manages to cope with women, speaks on his previous marriage and how he has been coping with fame. Enjoy!

How do you cope with attraction from opposite sex considering your looks?

Honestly, I appreciate my fans, male and female, before fame or Nollywood I have always been attracted to lots of women. In my past life, I have realize a lot of my down fall. In what can make me, there are 3 barriers to success, women and arrogance, so for me. I don’t see all that women stuff, there are certain things to be avoided in life.

For how long were you married?

I was never married really.

What really happened?

Because of formality, that was why I used the word marriage. The mother of my kids, is the woman I met here in Nigeria, and I took her to America to file for her, to get her stay, and that involve me taking her to the court house, and doing the marriage that was not marriage proper, that we all know about. We both had 2 kids together, and I was like, let me pursue my goals, by the time, am 40 or there about, then we can have the wedding proper.

So are you still together?

No, we separated 5 years ago. Things happened.

What is the craziest thing a female fan has ever done to you?

They have done a lot of crazy things o. Sometimes, I can’t even remember them anymore.

Have you been kissed forcefully by a fan before?

Yes, that happened to me in South Africa, when I got out of the elevator, a lady just jumped on me and started kissing.

Any other one, like sending pictures?

Yes, that is normal, I get naked pictures, on my phone everyday. It’s just one of those crazy moment.

So how do you cope with all these?

I don’t regard it. Honestly it doesn’t exist in my mind set the FAME part of my life does not exist, am not confused about who I am, or what am doing in life. My work is my work. Like I left for America on the 14th, got there 15th, short, on the 16th, left on the 17th and got back to Nigeria on the 18th, I could have stayed back in America for a week or two to enjoy myself, but truly, I don’t have time for such. Where I am right now, took everything away from my life.

Are you presently in any relationship?

No, am in love with my job and my kids.

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