Average couple become bodybuilding champions in one year (Photos)


An average couple have shared their amazing transformation from your average gym-goers to bodybuilding champions in under a year.

Anna Golebiowska, 28, and her boyfriend Jakub Loza, 32, used to work out a couple of times a week but ten months ago they decided to become bodybuilders. They changed their diets and now between them eat 80 eggs and 30lbs of chicken a week. The couple have become British champions in the bodybuilding world. Anna and Jakub have to eat every three hours to maintain their physique. Anna, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, said: ‘We have five meals a day. ‘Breakfast is based on eggs usually, sometimes porridge, and rest of the meals are based on chicken or turkey, rice, veggies and olive oil.’ Together, the couple eat 13.5kg of chicken and turkey a week – which is 45 whole chicken breasts. For breakfast Anna typically eats four eggs, veg and fruit.

‘It’s really boring,’ said Jakub. ‘But all of that pain and hard work you’ve given is worth it – the feeling when you’re going onto the stage, and coming first was is the best feeling ever. ‘Everything, the total transformation that happened to us in a such a short time – people spend years trying to qualify for the British Finals, its unbelievable that we have achieved it in less than year.’ The couple run a sports nutrition shop, Empire Sports, in Weston-super-Mare. They started going to fitness industry events to promote their shop which often featured bodybuilders. The couple were inspired to compete and started training in January 2018. Their first competition was in May and by the end of October Jakub had won second place in the UKUP British Finals and Anna had come first in her category. ‘I couldn’t believe it, I was crying on stage,’ Anna said.

The couple, both from Poland, met 12 years ago in the UK.