Blac Chyna reveals new tattoo of a huge phoenix on her back


Blac Chyna treats her body like a canvas and has covered it with ornate ink. The 30-year-old brought DailyMailTV exclusively along with her to get her eleventh massive tattoo, a phoenix on her back. ‘I feel hot,’ the model said to the camera.

Her latest tattoo of the large winged mythological creature covers her upper right shoulder blade.

Chyna’s tattoos have become a part of her brand and, like her personality, they’re big and bold.

‘It’s sexy though,’ she told DMTV, ‘not ratchet.’

The reality star’s 10 huge tattoos cover a large portion of her voluptuous five foot two frame.

The 30-year-old’s other tattoos include various brightly colored flowers and choice words like ‘f***’