Clerics now officiate more funerals than marriages – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar 2011 President campaign Photo by ©mortenfauerby 2010 - all rights reserved

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, on Thursday bemoaned the level of insecurity in the country, saying both Muslim and Christian clerics now officiate funerals more than marriages and child dedication.

He said the Federal Government must take bold steps to end unnecessary deaths because he was tired of issuing condolences on such deaths.

Atiku said this in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja.

He said, “I have been travelling all over Nigeria and I meet with both Muslim and Christian clerics who tell me that in the North East and Middle Belt, they now officiate over more funerals than they do marriages and child dedications. This is heartbreaking and we must do something immediately to change the situation.

“Apart from funding, I advise the Federal Government to review its policy of releasing so-called ‘repentant’ terrorists. To think that the government can de-radicalise these individuals in so short a time is wishful thinking.

“Many people, myself included, think that the upsurge in terror activities coming after the release of such detainees is not coincidental.

“Finally, I urge the National Assembly to suo moto, take action to appropriate funds for our military on a fast-track basis. These are desperate times for Nigeria and desperate times call for dedication to duty of all concerned.

“I am tired of issuing condolences for unnecessary deaths. I prefer to make a difference and prevent unnecessary deaths amongst the gallant men and women of our armed forces and the civilian population they took an oath to protect.”

With the rising spate of terror activities in the Middle Belt and the North East, Atiku called for increased funding for the nation’s military so that they are equipped and their morale boosted enough to contain and then defeat insecurity in Nigeria.

He said it was unacceptable that terrorists and criminals were frequently better equipped than members of the armed forces.

According to the former Vice President, it is the duty of the political elite to put aside any political differences and take a united stand to put an end to insecurity.

The increasing deaths of our servicemen at the hand of terrorists and criminals, especially in the North East and Middle Belt, is a clear sign that our troops need to be better funded and better equipped.

“It is true that funds are scarce, but this is an emergency and if we do not take care of an emergency, it becomes a crisis which can lead to a total breakdown of law and order – anarchy in essence,” Atiku said.