How To Do Crochet Braids On Yourself: For Beginners

Crotchet braids have been in for some time and we hope it’s here to stay. They’re super comfy, beautiful and best of all take very little time to install.
We’ll repeat that last point, they take very little time to install. If you’ve ever spent hoursss getting your hair braided then you know what we mean. Please, let’s have a minute of silence for all the hours of our lives wasted spent on getting our braids done that we’ll never get back.

Thankfully, it’s the dawn of braided wigs and crochet braids so there’s no need to spend so much time in a salon. Now you can channel your time and energy into other important things like err, perfecting your winged eyeliner or getting the right angle for your highlighter, you know, where the sun hits it just right! But we digress…

You can do crochet braids on yourself, it’s pretty easy and it takes less than an hour.

how to do crochet braids on yourself

(Photo: Instagram/Krochetkulture)

What you’ll need:
  • Crochet hair extensions
  • Crochet needle

Here’s a video by IAMTRAEH, showing you the process in very easy steps.

Now that you’ve learnt how to do crochet braids on yourself, you might be wondering where to get crochet extensions. Try Stephanie Coker’s crochet extensions brand, Krochet Kulture. They’ve got a variety of styles to choose from, you’ll find something you like.

Now Speaking of Stephanie Coker, the media maven seems to have a new found love for hats. And she styles them so perfectly, you’ll doff your hats in awe. See what we did there?  Check out the really fab photos here.

(Featured Image Credit: Youtube via Iamtraeh)




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