How To Know Your Body Shape? Try This Tried & Tested Way

We all come in different body shapes and sizes. This means not all clothes fit us the same way, not all styles work for us and we can’t wear what everyone else wears. Knowing your body shape is an integral part of figuring out your style. You can’t find a personal style if you don’t know what shape you have and the clothes that fit it!


How to know your body shape? Well, it’s pretty simple! The first step is to know your body measurements, that will tell you how to get started.

How To Know Your Body Shape? Try This The Tried & Tested Way

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You’ll need:

  • A measuring tape
  • A notebook or sheet of paper
  • A pen
  • A friend who doesn’t mind helping you measure hard to reach areas. (Trust us, they are a couple)

Firstly, choose a spot and stand with your legs together and back straight. Secondly, measure the following:

Your shoulders: Ask your designated friend or family member to measure your shoulders (because you really can’t do it yourself). You do this by placing the beginning of the tape at the tip of one shoulder and wrapping it around once to meet back at that shoulder.

The fullest part of your bust: Wrap the tape under your arms and around the mid-point of your bust to get the exact measurement. Ensure the tape is as tight as possible to your bust without pressing into it and your back is straight.

Your waist: Wrap the tape around the smallest part of your waist (right above your belly button) and measure.

The fullest part of your hip and butt: Take the tape around your hip and butt, ensuring you’re covering the fullest part. Do your best to ensure there’s no space between the tape and your body to make sure the numbers are correct.

Once this is done, you now have the tools that show you how to know your body shape. Here’s how it goes:

Hourglass shape

If you have this shape, your shoulders and hips are about the same measurement. But your waist is significantly smaller or more defined.

How To Know Your Body Shape? Try This The Tried & Tested Way

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Inverted triangle shape

This shape has shoulders that are wider than the waist and hips. Your waist and hips might be the same size, but as long as your shoulders are wider, this is your shape.


Triangle shape

The triangle shape is the opposite of the inverted triangle shape. Here, your hips are larger than your waist and bust, most times with your bust being the smallest size.

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Rectangle shape

This might be the easiest shape to determine. If your hips, shoulders, waist and bust are about the same size, then you’re rectangular shaped.

How To Know Your Body Shape? Try This The Tried & Tested Way

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That’s about it. Simple right? We know! We hope this really helps you with how to know your body shape. Oh by the way, if you’re getting married and need to find the right dress for your shape, you need to check this out!