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You have been blaming other people for all your problems.

But did you know it is possible that you are the root of all that you are going through? That you could ruin your own life unknowingly? How? You wonder.

If you have been doing these things, then you are clearly destroying your own life:

1. Comparing yourself with others


Don’t compare yourself to others (Selfninja)


As they say, comparison is an ugly game that no one ever wins. ‘All my friends are driving, my friends have good jobs, my friends party every weekend’ blah blah blah. So you want to start driving as well but what if you don’t have what it takes? The thought of it will only get you stressed.

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2. Settling

You got a job, you hate it, it doesn’t even pay your bills and the workplace is simply toxic. But then, you have chosen to stick around for who knows what reasons. Slowly by slowly, your productivity will be affected and before you know it, you will be losing it all. If it doesn’t make you happy, pack your buggage.

3. Caring about what others think


Do what makes you happy (YouTube)


So long as what you are doing is your business, no need to worry about what others think. Giving too much attention to what people think about you will rob you off your happiness. And worst of all, you can’t enjoy being yourself if all you give a damn about is what people think about you.

4. Not living the present

You ruin your life by living in the past and worrying so much about the future. There is nothing you can do to change your past and you should not let your past take a toll on you. Just do what’s in your ability to make a better future, enjoy your present and let nature take its course.

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5. Not forgiving

I know forgiving is not easy. But the more you keep on holding grudges against people who hurt you, the more it hurts. Even if you will not forget, forgive for the health of your mind and soul.

6. Not sleeping enough


Sleep more than seven hours each day (Vanguard Allure)


Sleeping less than seven hours a day is bad for your health. It affects your alertness, ages your skin, causes memory problems and it can also give you depression. Love yourself enough to rest and sleep for enough hours.

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