‘My Husband Is A Great Thief And Strong Womaniser’ – Wife Claims.


A 51-year old woman, Mrs. Yinka Adewole, finally revealed the secret she had kept about her husband, Temitope, for 25 years before the customary court in Lagos.

Divorced couple

The embittered woman approached the court on Thursday seeking for the dissolution of her 25-year old marriage with Mr.Temitope Adewole on the grounds that her husband was a thief.

Apart from that she told the court that he was an unrepentant womanizer who had strong appetite for other women.

The civil servant who lives at No. 30 FMPWH Yard, Seme Road in Badagry, Lagos, was visibly livid with anger while praying for the dissolution of her fruitless marriage with Temitope saying that she was tired of her husband’s stealing habit and infidelity.

She narrated that apart from stealing from her, he does not perform his statutory roles as a husband.

“My husband is a thief; he steals from me and doesn’t perform his responsibilities as a husband. At least if I don’t have a child of my own, I should have rest of mind, enough is enough” she said.

The President of the Court, Mr. Sakirudeen Adekola, who did not hesitate in granting the request made by Yinka, said it was clear that love no longer existed between the couple advising them to move on with their lives individually. He said, “It is clear that all efforts to reconcile the parties had failed and in that circumstance, it was meaningless to further advise them to keep living together.

The President said that any party who was not satisfied with the judgment can appeal within 30 days and warned that the violation of any of the orders made by the court amounts to contempt and shall be so treated with the appropriate sanction.

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