Praying for Nigeria can turn things around – Kumuyi


The General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, has called on Christians not to relent in offering intercessory prayers to God for Nigeria, saying this will enable the nation to overcome its challenges.

Kumuyi, who quoted several passages from the Holy Bible to buttress his point, spoke during a sermon titled, “Passionate prayer by the godly for the nation.”

He was addressing a large number of leaders of the church at its headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos. The sermon was transmitted live across the entire country and beyond.

The sermon was meant to prepare the leaders and members of the church for the visit of Nigeria Prays team to the headquarters of the church on Sunday November 29, a day earmarked to pray for the nation.

The Nigeria Prays team is founded and headed by a former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, retd.

Kumuyi said, “You can see Daniel became concerned for Israel and the capital city, Jerusalem. Consequently, he set himself to pray. As we pray, wait on the Lord and make supplication for our nation, the Lord will answer the prayer.

“Praying people, interceding people can turn the condition (of the nation) around for the better. It can be done, it will be done.

“By prayer, we can turn the hands of the Almighty God and the hands of God can move our nation in the right direction. By prayer, we can do what ordinary we can’t do, because we are not among the people who are taking decisions.

“There are a number of great things God can do when intercessors pray for their nation.

“Abraham prayed for Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses interceded and prayed for a whole nation of Israel. God answered Moses. For our nation, God will answer us, and for the people who are suffering and perishing, God will save them.”

He added, “Like Daniel, we should pray and stop accusing anyone or group of people as the cause of the national problem.

“As you think about the condition of our country, you think about the economy, insecurity and all the things that are happening which we can read on the pages of the newspapers and some of them we can feel, and you see that we are suffering, something will happen. We are going to intercede, the supernatural will happen.”

The cleric expressed the belief that whatever spiritual power that was troubling the nation “in the water, sky and forest” could be defeated and the situation reversed.

“This land, this nation would be healed; there will revival of everything we have ever hoped for. We need to pray like the way Daniel prayed for his nation. Great things will happen when multiple Daniels pray for the country and turn things around for good, divine attention will come and God will wipe away the tears of our nation.

“The nation of Israel was hurting and because of them, Daniel went into prayer. Our nation is hurting and we should not just fold our hands and resign to fate. No, prayer would change everything, supplication would change everything. God will heal our hurt in this nation,” he added.